Top 10 South African safari destinations

For those seeking a local adventure, there is good news. South Africa offers a variety of safari destinations that are suitable for every budget.
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With numerous African bush destinations to choose from, you don’t have to travel far to witness the iconic Big 5 or experience the beauty of nature.

Whether you are planning a family vacation, a romantic getaway, a honeymoon, or an exciting adventure, here are some of the best local safari destinations:

1. Kruger National Park – Mpumalanga and Limpopo
Located in the northeast of South Africa, Kruger National Park is one of the largest game reserves in Africa. It is home to a wide range of wild animals, including the Big 5: lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and buffaloes.

2. Greater Kruger – Mpumalanga and Limpopo
Although the terms Kruger National Park (KNP) and Greater Kruger are often used interchangeably, there are differences between them. The Greater Kruger refers to 34,000 hectares of protected land to the west of KNP, providing a larger area for wildlife to roam freely. This additional land is owned by private and local community property owners and is mostly used for commercial purposes. The removal of fences between these properties and KNP allows animals to move more freely and reduces pressure on vegetation.

3. Marataba Safari Lodge – Limpopo
Located in the malaria-free Marakele National Park, Marataba Safari Lodge offers guided game drives, bush walks, and river excursions. The lodge has elegantly furnished canvas-and-stone tented rooms with luxurious amenities. Each room has a deck with panoramic views of the plains and the river.

4. Pilanesberg National Park – North West
Pilanesberg National Park is situated in the North West Province of South Africa, north of Rustenburg. The park borders the Sun City entertainment complex and is managed by the North West Parks and Tourism Board. The park’s landscape is defined by alternating ridges and valleys formed by an extinct volcano. It is known for its picturesque hills and diverse wildlife.

5. Madikwe Game Reserve – North West
Located on the border with Botswana, Madikwe Game Reserve is a conservation area in the North West Province. It is home to a variety of wildlife, including elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos, and endangered wild dogs. The reserve is characterized by its grassland, forest, and rocky Tshwene Tshwene hills. It also offers excellent bird-watching opportunities.

6. Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve – KwaZulu-Natal
Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park, the oldest proclaimed nature reserve in Africa, is situated in central KwaZulu-Natal, approximately 280km north of Durban. The park covers 960 km² of hilly terrain and is renowned for its rich wildlife and conservation efforts. It is operated by Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and is the only state-run park in KwaZulu-Natal where all of the big five game animals can be found.

7. Manyoni Private Game Reserve – KwaZulu Natal
Manyoni Private Game Reserve is located in the heart of Zululand, a region renowned for its game viewing and cultural traditions. Originally established as part of the WWF black rhino range expansion project, Manyoni has become a premier safari destination with a focus on endangered species conservation. The reserve offers luxury safari lodges and spans 23,000 hectares of stunning Zululand scenery.

8. Addo Elephant National Park – Eastern Cape
Situated in the Eastern Cape, Addo Elephant National Park is known for its diverse wildlife, with a particular emphasis on elephants. It offers visitors the chance to see these majestic creatures up close in their natural habitat.

The park was established in 1931, primarily to provide a sanctuary for the remaining eleven elephants in the area. Since then, it has been incredibly successful and now houses over 600 elephants, as well as numerous other mammal species.

9. Lalibela Game Reserve – Eastern Cape
Lalibela Game Reserve, also located in the Eastern Cape, is a malaria-free reserve that offers unforgettable safari experiences. There are no public roads running through the reserve, allowing the Big Five (lion, rhino, elephant, buffalo, and leopard) to roam freely. With its easy accessibility from Port Elizabeth, Lalibela is a popular destination for South African safari holidays.

10. Shamwari Game Reserve – Eastern Cape
Shamwari Game Reserve, situated 75 km outside of Port Elizabeth, has consistently been voted the World’s Leading Safari and Game Reserve and Conservation Company. The reserve focuses on managing, developing, and rehabilitating the ecosystem to restore it to a more natural state after years of agricultural farming. Shamwari is part of the Indalo Protected Environment.

In summary, the Eastern Cape of South Africa offers exceptional safari experiences in Addo Elephant National Park, Lalibela Game Reserve, and Shamwari Game Reserve. These parks provide opportunities to witness a diverse range of wildlife and contribute to conservation efforts in the region.

6 things hotels should consider to be corporate-friendly

Business hotels have traditionally been seen as a place to rest and rejuvenate for business travelers. However, the expectations of these travelers have changed significantly. According to Jonathan Scott, senior account manager at FCM Travel Solutions, modern business travelers are seeking a more comfortable and personalized experience.

Advancements in technology have made it possible for hotels to cater to these demands. With the help of advanced analytics and AI, hotels can better understand guest preferences and offer personalized services. Corporate travelers value safety, productivity, and being taken care of, and hotels are rising to the challenge by providing extra space, seamless connectivity, and personalized service.

Key factors that business travelers consider when choosing a hotel include location, convenience, comfort, connectivity, sustainability, and safety. Proximity to meeting or event venues, accessibility, amenities, and hotel services are important considerations. Comfortable beds, fast and reliable Wi-Fi, easily accessible plug points, and workspaces with necessary technology are essential for a productive stay. Increasingly, eco-conscious travelers are opting for hotels with strong environmental initiatives, and safety in both the hotel and surrounding area is a top concern. But what could be better than sports betting:

Technology has not only personalized the hotel experience but also made it safer and more secure. Health and wellness awareness is also reshaping the hotel experience, with travelers valuing relaxation and exercise facilities, as well as healthy eating options. Eco-friendly hotels are gaining popularity, and many hotels are implementing green initiatives such as renewable energy sources, waste reduction, and water conservation programs.

Today’s travelers, including business travelers, are looking for more than just a comfortable stay. They want to immerse themselves in local culture, cuisine, and attractions. Hotels are responding by offering authentic local experiences, such as arranging tours and tastings or showcasing local craftsmanship. The future of hotel experiences lies in seamlessly merging comfort, technology, wellness, sustainability, and local authenticity to create a superior home away from home.

Radisson Hotel Group bolsters its portfolio in Morocco with the addition of new hotel in Saidia

Radisson Hotel Group has recently announced its plans to expand its presence in Morocco by opening the Radisson Blu Residences in Saidia. This new addition marks the eighth hotel for the group in the country and the third one in the Saidia region.

Situated in a popular coastal destination in northern Morocco, the Radisson Blu Residences, Saidia offers guests a prime location. The hotel boasts 13 contemporary units, which include suites, studios, and apartments. From these accommodations, guests can enjoy breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the region’s stunning landscapes.

The Radisson Blu Residences are designed to provide utmost comfort and convenience, whether guests are traveling solo or with their families. The units are equipped with modern appliances and amenities, as well as spacious living areas and well-appointed kitchens.

For leisure activities, guests can take advantage of the two large pools in order to beat the heat, stroll along the immaculate beach known as the “Blue Pearl” for its crystal blue waters, and explore the beautiful Mediterranean flora. Additionally, the hotel offers a spa and a traditional Moroccan hammam, allowing guests to immerse themselves in an authentic Moroccan experience.

According to Cordon, the Radisson Blu Residences, Saidia perfectly complements the group’s existing Radisson Blu resorts in Saidia. It serves as an ideal accommodation choice for long-term guests and families who are seeking additional space and facilities. With this new addition, Radisson Hotel Group continues to expand its portfolio and strengthen its presence in Morocco.

Cape Town taxi strike: Roadways opened but motorists urged to be cautious over high risk areas

Motorists are being advised to exercise caution as certain areas, specifically Dunoon and Langa, have been identified as high-risk zones. This cautionary message comes in the wake of an incident where debris was hurled onto the roadway at Jake’s Gerwel, resulting in a two-hour closure of the N2 direction towards Epping. The road was eventually reopened at 5.42 am.

Additionally, there have been reports of a vehicle being set on fire in Langa. However, it should be noted that highway routes in and around Cape Town remained clear and open for travel on Thursday morning, with no protests or obstructions reported.

The taxi governing body has informed its members that regular taxi services will remain suspended until the legal process has been concluded. This suspension is expected to last for approximately 48 hours. Santaco, the taxi body, held a meeting with Transport Minister Sindisiwe Chikunga on Wednesday evening. Chikunga reported that she was actively engaged in discussions with the Western Cape government regarding the situation.

JP Smith, the Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, commented on the recent events, stating, “After a relatively calm period of 48 hours, we have witnessed a few isolated incidents in recent hours. This includes instances of stone-throwing along Potsdam road and a truck being set on fire in Langa.”

The City of Cape Town has pledged to collaborate with the South African Police Service in order to effectively address any potential incidents of public violence.